What is NURIA?

Encounter art | Experience art
The Idea

The Idea

The idea of the art exhibition is to create a dialogue between artists and those interested in art and to give various artists the opportunity to present their works..

The artists

The artists

In order to support and expand the art scene, the exhibiting artists are from all over Germany or currently live there.

The workshops

The workshops

The workshops are designed to give anyone interested the opportunity to try things out for themselves and discover new possibilities...

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The team behind it....


I'm Annika and I'm part of this year's NURIA team!
With my graphics and texts, I make sure that you're all kept up to date - be it on social media, our website or in print media, PR and marketing?
But the best is yet to come: I'm not just designing the programme, I'm also taking care of the vernissage!
II'm very excited about this year's theme and therefore also about seeing as many of you as possible! Bring your culture and all your friends to make NURIA more diverse and individual than ever before.


I'm Anna-Lena and I'm part of this year's NURIA team!
Artist acquisition, logistics and workshops are my responsibilities!
II am very happy that we can realise our creative ideas together.
Join us, come along and be part of this creative event!


I'm Aryna and I'm part of this year's NURIA team!
From artist acquisition to workshops and logistics - I'm juggling everything!
I'm super excited to be part of this unique exhibition Let's celebrate art, creativity and good vibes together!

KuKo e.V.

Kulturelle Koordinierung e.V., or KuKo for short, was founded in 1991 as a cultural organisation of Ilmenau University of Applied Sciences. Since then, the non-profit association has been the umbrella organisation for numerous working groups and associations with a three-digit number of members.
NURIA is also a KuKo e.V. project.